Between the Laughs:
Our greatest comedians talk seriously about comedy and each other

Edited by Garry Berman

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Between the Laughs takes us inside the minds of our greatest comedians, dating back almost 100 years-but not to find jokes or gags. Through their words, as they discuss their profession, we learn how they feel about comedy, and about each other. The greats of Vaudeville, silent and sound films, radio, TV, and stand-up have all had much to say through the decades about the art of making people laugh. As they attest, their job is not all fun and games.
Here is an entertaining, educational, and thought-provoking collection of over 500 quotes, observations and opinions by legendary comedians and current favorites who, when the spotlight is off, take their comedy seriously, and who have been willing to share their knowledge, jealousies, failures, and triumphs when speaking between the laughs.

What they've said about 'Between The Laughs'
"This small yet funny and interesting book is loaded with quotes...It is interesting to read what these old time comics, most of who have passed on now, thought about each other. If you enjoy learning about he old time comedic masters, as this reviewer does, then you will thoroughly enjoy this book." -- Portland Book Review  


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