Garry has collaborated on a number of written works with Kelly Marie Thompson, a native of South Shields, England. They met on an on-line message board in 2011, discussing British sitcoms, and quickly discovered they not only share many favorite comedy programs (both British and American), but also enjoy writing comedy sketches and scripts. Kelly, who also writes science fiction and paranormal-themed scripts and stories, sent Garry ten pages of a sitcom script she had begun writing. Garry was so impressed with her talent, he asked (or, more accurately, begged) if he could help write it. This became the first Barkers Upon Tyne episode, which they submitted to the BBC, but were respectfully declined. However, the script won a Top Ten placement in the 81st Writer’s Digest magazine scriptwriting competition in 2013.

While writing that pilot, the collaborators decided to write a total of six full episodes, partly just to see if they could do it. And they did, in about eight weeks. They exchange portions of their work for each other to review and edit strictly via e-mail, except for a rare Skype chat to discuss editing details in real time.

Garry and Kelly finally met in person, in Times Square, during Kelly’s visit to New York in November of 2014.

Since then they’ve also co-written a full-length comedy screenplay, Date My Boyfriend; a bride-to-be sends her feuding fiancé and her best friend/maid of honor on an eventful weekend alone together, warning them to make peace with each other, or else.

Upon completing Date My Boyfriend, they embarked on their most ambitious project to date, From Me To You, a humorous coming-of-age novel (with a touch of romance) set against the backdrop of Beatlemania in the early and mid-1960s.

Garry and Kelly also continue to write individually. Garry’s most recent work is a screenplay, Meet My Impostor, in which a shy novelist hires his exact double (a wax paper factory manager) to undertake a book tour in his place.


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