Best of the Britcoms
From Fawlty Towers to The Office

by Garry Berman



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First published in 1999, this book celebrates the finest British TV sitcoms to cross the Atlantic and appear on American television (mostly on PBS stations and cable networks) since the mid-1970s.

It came about when Garry realized one day in 1995 that he had hundreds of hours of Britcoms amassed on videotapes, so he decided to do something constructive with his addiction. He was certain that there were others like him across the U.S. who loved Britcoms, but who hadn't had the opportunity to learn much about them, and who would appreciate a book dedicated to the genre. Garry was also certain that he was the person to write it.

Best of the Britcoms is a basic viewer's guide to the genre, and serves as an introduction for those who aren't yet familiar with some, or most, of the series it covers. Garry's most memorable moments as he researched and wrote the book were the overseas phone calls to the U.K. He interviewed the writers, directors, and actors whom he had long admired, and who deserve the credit for creating some of television's most brilliant situation comedies on either side of the Atlantic.

Garry updated and expanded the original book, which originally included chapters on 50 different sitcoms, with a revised edition containing fresh information and seven new chapters. It was published in December of 2010.

What people have said about Best of the Britcoms:

What do you do when you have almost 100 videos full of British comedy threatening to take over your living room and kitchen, not to mention your life? Well, if you’re self-confessed Anglophile Garry Berman, you take what’s on those videos and create a new book, Best of the Britcoms. And for comedy fans everywhere, there is much rejoicing. -- The Insider (BBC publication for PBS members)

Thanks to his interviews with 20 of the genre’s most prolific writers, Berman has also gleaned insights into the shows’ creative beginnings. The result: a book compiled with such intelligence and care that you could call its author a telly visionary.” --Entertainment Weekly

It is a gold mine of information …I only wish it were longer.” -- Frank Behrens, The Keene Sentinel

It is a splendid production and I am honored to have done the foreword.” -- Richard Briers, star of Good Neighbors (The Good Life) and other Britcoms.

A thoroughly entertaining book.” -- Harold Snoad, Britcom producer (Are You Being Served?, Keeping Up Appearances, Dad’s Army)

A must for the growing legions of Britcom fans.” -- Midwest Book Review


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