Why Are You Telling Me This?
A Collection of Humorous Writings

by Garry Berman

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This collection of comic writings presents a different side of Garry's writing talents. Why Are You Telling Me This? includes some pieces that date back a few decades, while others are brand new as of 2020. Among them you'll find stories populated with eccentric characters in absurd situations, presented in a variety of styles, formats, and lengths; from old friends in a delicatessen speaking in Old Testament-style English, to Edgar Allan Poe shopping for a new lawnmower, to a murder mystery set in a 1920s vaudeville theatre. These, plus assorted "lost episodes" of classic television programs, as well as a few hard-to-define comic pieces, have no deep messages to impart, and are designed only to keep you laughing...until you stop.
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