About Garry Berman

Garry is originally from Fair Lawn, New Jersey, and currently lives in Westampton, New Jersey, with his wife Karen and their two very high-maintenance dogs.

Garry's work in TV and Video Production

From 1989-1996, Garry was involved with a cable television production organization, Fair Lawn Creative Cable, in his hometown of Fair Lawn, New Jersey. The group's programs were seen on Cablevision every week throughout most of Bergen County, a rather densely populated and fabulously wealthy corner of the state. As vice-president of FLCC, Garry was a writer, producer, camera operator, and editor on programs ranging from a monthly magazine-style show, to half-hour specials, documentaries, cooking shows, and entertainment programs. He personally produced and/or edited several programs and feature stories he is still proud of to this day. Those include a visit to a Renaissance Fair, a half-hour documentary on the Beatlefest convention, and a feature piece on the activities of Beatles fans at Strawberry Fields in New York's Central Part, as they celebrated John Lennon's life and mourned his death.

His involvement with FLCC led him to professional work as a videographer. In 1991, he produced a half-hour program for FLCC on the Pathmark Tennis Classic, an exhibition women's tournament in Mahwah, N.J., known for attracting the world's best players. That program, A Match Made in Mahwah, caught the attention of the tournament, which hired Garry (and his trusty video colleague, Larry Holand) the following year. They shot footage of the matches, various tournament activities, and player press conferences, to be used for live cable TV coverage as well as the tournament's own sales video. This allowed Garry to rub shoulders with Steffi Graf and Monica Seles (metaphorically speaking), along with other stars of the tennis world. A bit of networking at the tournament led to other interesting TV and video jobs, both tennis-related and otherwise, over the next few years.

Writing Credits

As a professional writer, Garry began his career in the mid-1980s at Advertising Trade Publications in New York City. There he wrote feature stories, critiques, and personality profiles covering all aspects of creative print and TV advertising.

Upon the original publication of Best of the Britcoms, he became a frequent contributor to "The Insider," a publication for PBS membership subscribers.

He has also written several feature pieces and conducted interviews for Beatlefan magazine, the foremost publication in the U.S. for Beatles fans like himself.

In addition, Garry has contributed articles to Nostalgia Digest, a quarterly magazine celebrating the heyday of radio and motion pictures.

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